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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chocolate Covered Bacon: Recipe

“You got your bacon in my chocolate!”
“You got your chocolate on my bacon!”
Two good things that go great together!

Yeah, I’ll admit I was skeptical too, but as it turns out chocolate-covered bacon is VERY tasty and insanely easy to make if the PTA sends you an email demanding you put your effort towards a home-made treat.

So here’s how you do it:


*1 package of Good Quality bacon
*1 bar of chocolate of choice


Parchment paper
1 microwave safe bowl

1)      Cook the bacon completely. You want it to be on the crispy side but not burnt. Let the bacon cool completely before coating in chocolate. Before you prepare the chocolate, cut the bacon into small 1 inch pieces. Use only the crispy bits and discard the rubbery bits entirely. Those don’t taste so good covered in chocolate. 

2)      Break the chocolate into little pieces using a knife or a hammer, it doesn’t matter how big or how small as long as they’re uniform. Place in the bowl and microwave it in increments on HI for 10 seconds each. After each time, take the chocolate out and stir it (to prevent burning and that gross white coating when it cools). Do this until the chocolate is melted, but not molten.

3)      Using a fork (or your fingers) dip the bacon in the chocolate, making sure to coat it evenly and let the excess chocolate drip off. Then lay it on the parchment paper. Let the bacon cool in the fridge and then eat! It’s that simple! 

Some notes on the chocolate: Some stores (in America at least) sell special “candy-making” chocolate buttons that melt easily and can withstand high temperatures. The trouble is, they taste like ASS. My theory is never coat anything in chocolate that you wouldn’t eat on its own. I like Cadbury’s chocolate. I’ve used dark chocolate (which has great coffee-tasting notes that go really well with the bacon) and Fruit & Nut and both are pretty tasty, but use whatever solid chocolate bar most appeals to you.

Extra stuff:

·         If you want to get super creative, after dipping your bacon, you can roll it in crushed almonds, cookie crumbs or cocoanut for extra goodness.

·         Try flavoring the chocolate with instant coffee crystals or orange or mint extract.

·         Melt white chocolate and drizzle it over your COOLED choco-bacon for zebra stripe designs

·         Put the bacon on cocktail sticks before dipping to make party snacks. OR use a lollipop mold to make choco-bacon pops

That’s all. Have fun and be careful. A little of this stuff goes a LONG way.

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